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Among The Imposters

Among the Imposters

I just finished Among the Imposters by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This is the second book in the Shadow Children series and follows Among the Hidden. The main character is Lee Grant(Luke Garner). The setting is in The Hardwick School for boys.

Luke Garner is terrified. Out of hiding for the first time in his life, he knows that any minute one of his new classmates at Hendricks School for Boys could discover his secret that he’s a third child and has taken recently deceased Lee Grant’s name. And in a place where it’s illegal for families to have more than two children, being a third child means certain death at the hands of the Population Police.

His first experience outside the safety and comforts of his home was full of fear. There’s not a single window anywhere in the school. Luke can’t tell his classmates apart (even as they torment and bully him) and the teachers seem not to notice it  all.

Desperate to fit in, Luke endures the confusion and teasing until he discovers an unlocked door to the outside, and a chance to finally understand what is really going on. But to find out the secrets of Hendricks School for Boys, Luke will need to put aside his fears and discover a courage that a lifetime in hiding couldn’t thwart.

This book was definitely filled with constant suspense to keep you to wonder what will happen next . This book was a good follow-up book to among the hidden. This is a great pick for all readers!

The book level would be around fourth to eighth graders. Both genders will love this book. This book is so suspenseful!!! I would rate this 3.9 stars!!!!!!


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