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Among the Barons

Among the Barons: Book Four in the Shadow Children Sequence

I just finished Among the Barons by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Among the Barons is the fourth book in the Shadow Children series.The main characters are Lee Grant (Luke Garner), Smithfield Grant (Smits), and Mr. and Mrs. Grant.The first setting is at Hardwick School for Boys.  The second setting is Grant’s mansion.

When Luke is finally getting used to being out in a open environment at Hardwick School for Boys, Mr. Hardwick tells him that Smithfield Grant, his “little brother” which he calls Smits, is going to attend at Lee’s school with him. When he gets used to it, Mr. Hardwick tells him that now Mr. and Mrs. Grant, his “parents”, want him back at home to stay for a while. Now Luke sees that living with Barons was as dangerous as ever. Will Smits find out his secret? Or will his suspicious body guard, Oscar, discover he’s a third child with a fake identity?

Among the Barons was an awesome suspenseful read for me and will be for you. “Haddix is a superb story-teller”, says the School Library Journal. This has got to be on the “Best Books Ever” list.

Among the Barons book level would be for fourth to eighth grade boys and girls.Sophia Good-Reads would rate this book 4.5 stars!!!!!!


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Among the Betrayed

Among the Betrayed (Shadow Children #3)

I finally finished Among the Betrayed, a companion to the Shadow Children. This is the third book in the Shadow Children series. Among the Betrayed is by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The main characters were Nina Idi, Mathias, Percy, and Alias. The setting is at the Population police prison.

Nina Idi has been caught being an illegal third child and for accusing that some of her classmates were too. She is now sent to the dreaded Population police prison. Instead of being killed, they bargain with Nina to betray there other third, fourth, and fifth children and she will be killed if she doesn’t. Nina really doesn’t want to. But when she meets the prisoners she will betray, she sees that they are only ten, nine, and six.

Among the Betrayed was an awesome read. Like all Margaret Peterson Haddix books, Among the Betrayed had so much suspense!!!This book was so gripping. You will love Among the Betrayed!!!

The book level for Among the Betrayed is fifth to eighth graders.This book is  unbelievable!!! I  was on the edge of my seat waiting what will happen  next. I would rate this 4.4 stars!!!!

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City of Ember

About a month ago, I read highly acclaimed The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. It is the first book in the Ember series. The two main characters are Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow. The setting is in The City of Ember, an underground city.

In order for the human species to survive, “The Builders” built an underground city for the people to live in for about 200 years. Thy also built a small box with classified information with a timed lock on it set for 200 years. After completion of the city, the Builders give the first mayor of the city  the locked box that was to be passed down from one mayor to the next. Unknown to the mayors who were to pass it down the line, the box was set to open after 200 years and provide instructions to the city’s inhabitants on how to return to the surface. For many generations the box was successfully passed down from  one mayor to the next until the seventh mayor who, hoping that the box might contain a cure for the severe deadly cough that was infecting many citizens of the city at the time, takes the box home and tries to break it open. Unfortunately, he fails and dies before he puts it where it belongs or tells anyone. In the year 245, problems arise. Food is running low. The generator is on its last days. Blackouts are becoming longer and more common. On Assignment Day, like a graduation ceremony, Lina Mayfleet is wishing to be a messenger, and gets Pipeworks helper instead, and Doon Harrow, wants to work in the Generator because he knows how to fix and repair it to make it last longer. But Doon sadly gets messenger, and Doon and Lina switch jobs. Meanwhile, at Lina’s Apartment, her grandmother finds an old piece of paper. Sadly her little sister, Poppy, chewed the paper and now Lina can’t interpret it. Will she with the help of Doon interpret the old paper? Or will the lights go out on Ember forever?

I fell in love with this book because it was so well written. It got me so exited that i am now reading the whole series!!! The City of Ember is now my favorite book. It had so much adventure, and mystery. This book is simply amazing!

The City of Ember would spark the interest from fourth to eighth graders of both genders. This was an amazing book and I definitely think every one should read this. City of Ember is a must have!!! I would give City of Ember a 4.9 star rating.


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