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Among the Hidden

Sophia Good-Reads rates Among the Hidden 4.8 stars.

Recently, I’ve read the book Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Among the Hidden is the first book in the Shadow Children series. The main characters are Luke, his Mom and Dad, and Jen. Among the Hidden takes place in a house in the middle of the forest.

Luke is the third child. All third-born children strictly forbidden by the Population Law. The only people who know of his existence are his Mom and Dad, and his two brothers, Matthew and Mark. He’s lived his whole life in hiding, so according to the government, he doesn’t exist. But when he sees a little girl in a home where he knows there are already two children, he gets curious.

Should he dare to go over to the home of the three children? Is Luke willing to risk everything, even his own life to know a simple question? Are there other third children like me? But the real question is will he get caught?

I really enjoyed Among the Hidden because it had a lot of suspense in it. It had a emotional effect on me.It makes you realize how good you’ve got it and how blessed you are. It helped me to be more thankful for everything I have and not taking my freedom for granted.

The book level of Among the Hidden is probably for fourth to seventh grade boys and girls. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that need a book of adventure, endless suspense, and curiosity, I recommend Among the Hidden! Among the Hidden is a book you just can’t put down!! I would rate this 4.8 stars!!!!



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